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One can say travel and adventure has always been a way of life for us...

Our first trip together was to Moscow. We got engaged in the Caribbean island of St. Thomas and officially tied the knot in Miami. We spent our first year anniversay in the Arctic circle, and in the two years of marriage together, we have already travelled to over 50 destinations between us.

We travel together and independently, we travel for work, for friends and for our passions. Even in the UK, we are known to take trips away to play golf, find snow, chase the sun and to feed our appetites. If there is a reason to travel, we find it and we go. 

Oppulent was born from who we are and what we do. Throughout this website, I have ensured as much orginal content from our travels, usually taken with just our phones! It is honest and real, it is also a memory, an experience and expertise. We are passionate about travel and we are passionate to share all of this with you. 


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